6 Tips to Reach Your Closet Goal

By: Lola


Is your closet a mess and overcrowded? No room for new shoes or that stylish dress? Well, your worries end here!  Every few months I find my closet becoming overcrowded with no room for new items. So instead of getting creative and thinking about new storage ideas for clothes and accessories, I came up six tips that will end your worries and add that extra space for your next shopping spree.


1. If you haven’t worn an item in 12 months say #goodbye

2. Temporarily retire items

3. Have a closet sale and/or sell on #ebay or #poshmark

4. Limit your closest to ready to wear items

5. Hang your clothes in categories for better organization

6. Color code your hangers 


When going through your closet make three piles: a keep pilea maybe pile, and a no pile. Don’t become a hoarder when it comes to the maybe pile. When deciding on what to sell and what not sell, keep in mind the condition of the item.  For those items you temporarily retire, store them under your bed or somewhere safe. Another good point to note is that those retired items are like items you know were popping when they came out so keep in mind that they could potentially come back in style next season.  Now let's get to achieving those closet goals!


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